XStream-E with mini controller


XSTREAM-E use the new DC technology and is ideal for marine tanks to create the most natural waves. An adjustable flow rate and 4 preset timing programs bring all what is needed for easy and professional aquarium care. 

Description / technical specifications

The controller features 5 LED lights indicating both speed and 4 pre-set timing programs:

PROGRAMM 1 = Short Pulse: wave motion with 5 seconds pause
PROGRAMM 2 = Medium Pulse:  wave motion with 20 seconds pause
PROGRAMM 3 = Long Pulse:  wave motion with 30 seconds pause
PROGRAMM 4 = Random Pulse
PROGRAMM 5 = Controller connection. The pump can be connected to different type of controller (0-10V)

The new XStream-E stream pumps look simple but contain state-of-the-art technology that includes many details in a unique design. Deceptively simple on the outside, the new XStream-E line offers numerous advanced technology features: 

The compact XS pump takes up very little space in the aquarium.

Quiet running thanks to the use of ceramic bearings and noise-absorbing rubbers which reduce the noise level of the pump and make it imperceptible during its use.

Low energy consumption.

Magnetic fastening system with grip for glass thickness up to 20 mm.

Directional cage adjustable up to 90 °.

Continuously lubricated rotor and self-cleaning system for longer service life and less maintenance


Technical data


Power supply Imput : 230 V - 50 Hz
Power supply Output: 24 V
Flow rate max: 3000 l/h to 8500 l/h
Consumption: 6 W to 16,5 W
For sea water aquarium up to: 600 l
For freshwater aquarium up to: 900 l