Syncra Silent Nano Pump


The new Syncra Silent pumps combine high performance, silence and low power consumption.

This innovative technology allows the use of these pumps in a wide variety of applications.

Syncra Silent pumps are ideal for use in freshwater and seawater aquariums, but also as a skimmer pump, cooling system and any other application that requires a high performance and quiet pump.

SYNCRA Nano pumps are equipped with a self-cleaning system, developed in all the new generation SICCE pumps. Water is impeded in the turbine chamber to lubricate and clean it, thus avoiding any residual air bubbles that could create noise.

Description / technical specifications

The entire Syncra Silent range can be used in Wet & Dry application (out and in water) thanks to a thermal protection that prevents overheating.

Depending on the application, Syncra Silent pumps allow manual adjustment of the water flow.

Syncra Silent pumps come with threaded fittings and nipples that allow easy connection for different applications as well as resistant suction feet for a large bearing surface.

By design, Syncra Silent pumps are very easy to maintain.


Technical data

Syncra Silent Nano


Voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz
Power consumption: 2.6 W
Intensity: 0.01 A
Flow rate: Max. 400 l / h
Delivery height Max: 0.65 m
Inlet connector for hose Ø: 12 mm
Outlet connector for hose Ø: 12 mm
Length of the power cable: 2.35 m or 7.2 m
Dimensions L x W x H: 60 x 44 x 46 mm