Smart AWC - Auto Water Change

Smart AWC Touch - Auto Water Change - is a very compact intelligent system that fulfills perfectly 2 functions:

1. Automatically compensate of the water evaporation water from the aquarium in order to maintain the water level and the salinity.

2. Perform regular change of a defined amount of aquarium water. Thanks to 2 optical sensors of unique design, adapted to all aquariums, making a water change becomes very simple with Smart AWC touch. Simply fixe the 2 sensors to the tank, adjust their heights with the magnetic supports and program the desired automatic water change process with the touch screen. It is even possible to perform water changes automatically at a desired frequency and speed.

Description / technical specifications

Smart AWC touch uses QST for real-time protection against any failure situation. The controller will give an audible and visual alert when any one of the following situations occurs:

For ATO: if any refilling time is 3 times longer than the first refilling time.

For AWC: if any draining time or refilling time is 3 times longer than the first one.


The AWC system includes:

1 x Smart AWC touch Controller
2 x Optical level sensors with immersible magnet
2 x Magnets for holding level sensors
1 x Filling pump for water compensation
1 x AWC Drain Pump
1 x AWC Refill Pump AWC
3 x Universal fittings for aquarium with and without reinforcements
3 x Non-return valves
6 meters of transparent tube. Diam: Out. 8 mm, In. 6 mm


Input power: 100-240VAC / 50-60HZ

DC Pump:
• Lift: 200 cm
• Flow rate: 280 L / h

For fixing to a wall made of glass or acrylic
• Thickness Max. Of the wall for the magnet: 12,7 mm
• Distance Max. To the detector: 25.4 mm