QEye Wifi Camera

The QEye WIFI camera, with its resolution up to 720p, can be controlled by smartphone or tablet under iOS and Android.

The QEye WIFI camera is very easy to use and is fixed directly to the wall of the aquarium with a magnet. Thanks to its ingenuity, it allows to see the aquatic environment of the aquarium in a different way. It can also be directed to the left and right and it is possible to take pictures or make videos..

Thanks to its versatility, the QEye camera also makes it possible to observe a specific place in an aquarium.

Description / technical specifications

Files to download :


Power Input : 100-240 VAC 50 / 60 HZ
Power Output (USB) : 5 V 2000 mA
Power Consumption : 5 W (Max.)
QEye Size : 60 mm x 75 mm x 86 mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Wet Side Magnet Size : 30 mm x 16 mm (Diameter x Depth)
Max. Tank Thickness : 0.75 inch (19.0 mm)