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Perfect Reef Systems - PRS - is a Japanese company specializing in aquariums, especially in the development of new products for the aquarium hobby.

In this area, the use of water pumps is very common, if not necessary. And there are many kinds of different sizes for different uses and with variable water flows as there are references in the market. The available information, for all these pumps are the information that gives the manufacturers.

But as everyone knows, depending on the use or how is used a water pump, the flow of it isn’t always the same. The same pump will not have the same flow by pumping vertically or horizontally on the same distance. As well, depending on the liquid to be pumped, the flow rate will also be different. This is due to physical effects.

By analyzing all this and knowing that the use of aquarium water pumps is commonplace and an indication of flow could be very useful, even necessary, The Japanese company PRS had the idea to develop an accurate flowmeter especially for the aquarium hobby. The idea of CORRENTE was born.