Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere

Stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology with Biological Aerated Filter (W-BAF).
Ultra-high surface cross-cutting ratio and filtration area.
Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere is made of ceramic beads and is completely inert.

The Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere can be used in fresh and sea water.

The Bio-Sphere are carefully manufactured to ensure its quality, the well-designed porous structure of the Bio-Sphere create the ideal living conditions and environment for bacterial colonies, which allows it to effectively control the quality and stability of the water column.

Ultra-high surface cross-cutting ratio and filtration area, each Bio-Sphere has up to 54 m² (580ft²) surface area for the establishment of bacterial colonies.

The Bio-Sphere excel at establishing bacterial colonies in forms of Bio-Nano Composite Films, it allows different species of bacteria and fungi to grow on its large surface area, such as nitrifying bacteria, yeast, phototrophic prokaryotes, etc.

Putting all Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere in mesh bag, make it easy to maintenance and save huge place for other equipment’s.

1kg or 2kg

Description / technical specifications

Replacement of Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres.

The Bio-Spheres should be cleaned or replaced every 6 months for optimal results, however when cleaning/replacing old Bio-Spheres, DO NOT replace all of them at the same time. Clean/replace half of the Bio-Spheres such that there are sufficient bacterial colonies remain to re-establish themselves in the newly cleaned/replaced Bio-Spheres.