First Bite Freeze Dried

The first bite range of freeze dried foods are all harvested with great care before being freeze dried and gamma irradiated to ensure that our product is safe to feed to your livestock.

If you wish to feed your fish at different depths on freeze dried foods it is advisable to pre hydrate the product in a glass with some water from your tank prior to feeding. This will make the product sink so surface feeders and bottom feeders can all eat the food.

All First Bite Freeze Dried Fish Food range is bio encapsulated with multi-vitamins for superior nutrition and is gamma Irradiated for a pathogen free food source.

Description / technical specifications


Bloodworm is the fish keeper’s favourite food as it can be feed to most species of fish and is rich in protein.
Protein 55%, Fat 3%, Fibre 5%, Moisture 5%


Brine Shrimp

Brine Shrimp is rich in colour enhancing algae and is rapidly devoured by most species of fish and turtles.
Protein 48%, Fat 6%, Fibre 2,5%, Moisture 8 %.



Daphnia is an excellent food for feeding to fry or small tropical and marine fish. Rich in protein and HUFA.
Protein 66%, Fat 9%, Fibre 5%, Moisture 7%.



Tubifex is the traditional old favourite food and can be fed with confidence in this freeze dried form to all tropical and coldwater fish.
Protein 51%, Fat 12%, Fibre 8%, Moisture 5%.



Mysis is an excellent food for feeding to tropical and marine fish and is ideal for shy feeders contains essential fatty acids and is high in protein.
Protein 69,4%, Fat 8,6%, Fibre 2,2%, Moisture 12%.


Krill Superba

Krill Superba is an excellent food for all large tropical, coldwater and marine fish. Krill is an excellent colour enhancing food rich in protein and essential fatty acids.
Protein 61%, Fat 21%, Fibre 2,5%, Moisture 2%.