Enrichment Uptake System

The Calanus® enrichment uptake system is a blend of high quality phospholipids, edible wax esters, vitamins and essential amino. The product can be sprayed onto frozen foods, added to hatched nauplii for enrichment or sprayed onto dry foods lacking in essential lipids and vitamins.

Available in 100ml bottles with atomizer.
Larger volumes available upon request.

Description / technical specifications

Directions for use 

Artemia instar II and III nauplii (Don’t feed until 24 hours after hatching)

Shake well before use. Add enrichment sparingly, directly into the enrichment vessel, just enough to lightly cloud the water. Harvest the nauplii after 20 – 60 minutes using a fine micron sieve and lightly wash in fresh water and a suitable disinfectant, rinse the artemia once more to remove the disinfectant and feed to prey.


Feed Enrichment

Spray onto frozen foods sparingly and allow thawing, draining any excess water and feed.

Spray dry food sparingly leave for one minute and feed.